Parallel Connection

Visual Identity for an electronic music record label inspired of the 90’s atmosphere

Minimalist animation made in order to promote the first mix of the label on instagram, it is the same than the illustration on soundcloud. I used the same colors than the font of the logo as it is part of the brand guidelines now. The subject is a solar panel, first of an illustration series relative to ecology. The creator of the label, caring about environment, described it as a “Record label based in London with a strong ethic of sustainability.”

I had the chance to design the “macaron”, centered label, which is the sticker on the front and back side of the vinyl with the informations and name of : artist, album, track, producer.

Inspired of the artworks of the rave in the 90’s, I worked on the font and layout while keeping the same palet colors of the logo.

©Faustine Aper-Nitche all rights reserved.