Touch my vinyls

I wanted to denounce the idea of ​​women objects by the concept of sex objects here. This step was born in my mind when one of my friends dj innocently launched me “to stall two vinyls you must have a finger as soft as if you touch a woman”. Surprised, this phrase seemed to me at the same time to be a cute remark but with a touch of machism, so women would be like vinyls? Objects ?

Did he mean by the fragile aspect of the material used for the vinyl and what represents the woman?

– Why a dyptich? I chose to work a dyptich as both vinyls when we mix music but also as the feminine attributes, breasts and buttocks are in pairs. Men always love them in pairs.

It also supports the idea that the woman represents a balance like ying and yang, a notion supported by the game of black and white. This balance she brings him from an early age, as the voice of their mother who cradles and reassures newborns.

– Why this format? The choice of format was for me an evidence, at the same time close to the size of a woman but also to represent real size vinyls, 33 tours or 45 tours. This also allows to have proportions of the body close to the human scale and plunges the observer into the curves of the body that we read better with hindsight. As for vinyls for which there are different formats, the body of the woman is different in each person, the size differs on each body.

The goal is to focus on the object in the center before the body, since the woman is reduced to this status. In addition the vinyls like targets help to guide the look where many allow themselves to pose their eyes without embarrassment and freedom. For one time you are allowed to watch it so let’s look at the vinyls !

– Why the quotes? One in French, one in English, as I come from France but english is the most spoken language in the world. It also shows that machism and sexualisation are international. It could be like an erotic game but it illustrates that the woman could be considered as a controler to mix music, like an object you use for your pleasure.

©Faustine Aper-Nitche all rights reserved.